Twitter Has More Than Two Million Active Users, Making It An Ideal Platform For Marketing Your Business

Twitter is a social platform, where endless marketing opportunities await your business. Wondering why you should opt for Twitter marketing?

Here’s why twitter marketing hits its mark:

  • When people follow a particular brand on Twitter, there is a possibility that at least 50% of those people will buy products from that brand.
  • Similarly, nearly 60% of the people who follow a brand will most likely suggest and recommend it to a friend.

Thus, Twitter marketing can lead to an increase in sales and provide you with more customers for your business.

MonsterWeb’s Twitter marketing services can help you in creating brand awareness as well as providing you with a platform where you can communicate with your new and existing clientele to strengthen your customer relations.

Our services for Twitter marketing include:

  • A custom-designed Twitter header.
  • A custom-designed Twitter profile picture.

We will design your Twitter marketing campaign according to the needs of your business. Call us today at (210) 698-8888 and we will be happy to clarify your queries and provide you with effective marketing services for your business.