Enhance The Sales Of Your Visually Appealing Products By Marketing Them On Pinterest

Pinterest is an image oriented network and can work best for those businesses which have visually appealing products. Tantalizing food products, gorgeous homes for sale, and fashionable clothes are just some of the things that can catch the interest of a person who is viewing image after image on Pinterest.

The main aim of Pinterest is to act as an online bulletin board for images. Users of the site collect, organize and display image after image of amazing and eye catching products to boost sales for their business or simply to get viewership for their posted images.

Pinterest marketing is successful because:

  • Out of the overall social media purchases, Pinterest accounts for 40% of them.
  • Interested customers that are referred to products via Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy something as compared to visitors that have been referred to your business from other social networks.
  • Buyers from Pinterest spend nearly 10% more one average as compared to customers from other social media platforms.

At MonsterWeb, we provide a number of Pinterest marketing services:

  • Setting up of a Pinterest business account.
  • Creating 4-5 boards with pictures provided by client.

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