MonsterWeb offers several different levels of SEO plan coverage to meet the unique needs of your business or organization. Here is the overview breakdown of the different packages, Contact us today to get started on your plan right away!


Local ($495)

  • Price per Month1: $495
  • Setup Fees (one-time)2: $495
  • Typical Results: ~ 12 Months, Page 1 of Google for 3-8 Keywords, Traffic Increase 50%

What's Included:

  • Keywords: Working with you, MonsterWeb optimizes your website and offsite sources for a variety of industry specific keywords.
  • Content: Using keyword targeting, MonsterWeb creates original, unique, and engaging content to draw users to your website.
  • Maps: Map Listings are one of the most important online factors in the industry today. MonsterWeb claims, styles, and verifies important Map Listings including, but not limited to, Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Link Building: It's important to have other websites engaging and mentioning your website to bring more credibility to your site and industry. MonsterWeb helps make this happen.
  • Social Media Maintenance: In an ever increasing social media oriented society, it's important to maintain an online social media presence. MonsterWeb helps maintain this presence through our Social Media Maintenance.
  • Social Media Branding: Maintaining a Social Media presence is not the only important aspect of Social Media. MonsterWeb ensures that your Social Media outlets are styled professionally and your brand is present.
  • Citations: It's important that your contact information is correct on all Social Media Outlets, Map Listings, Online Directories, and Search Engines. A correct citation just helps confirm the authenticity of your business and website.
  • Rank Tracking: One of the most important areas of SEO is ensuring you are engaging your audience and your goals are being met. Through various analytic tools, MonsterWeb tracks this information for you.
  • SEO Reports: Each month, MonsterWeb prepares a personalized, professional report with a breakdown of your SEO for the previous month, what we plan to do, and analytic statistics so that you are never left in the dark.

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Pro ($792)

  • Price per Month1: $792
  • Setup Fees (one-time)2: $495
  • Typical Results: ~ 9 Months, Page 1 of Google for 6-15 Keywords, Traffic Increase 100%

What's Included:

  • Includes everything from Local
  • Off Site Articles: MonsterWeb creates original and unique, off site, industry specific articles that point back to your website. Thus, giving your website and business more credibility to search engines and users.
  • Off Site Link Building: Through a variety of resources and unique content, MonsterWeb creates links that point back to your website. Search engines see your this as more credibility pointing to your website, especially when coming from credible sources.
  • Extra On Site Optimization: There are always pages and content that need updates on a website. In order to keep up with the current trends and show search engines that your website is always up to date and changing, MonsterWeb maintains your website for you.

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Pro Plus ($1,287)

  • Price per Month1: $1,287
  • Setup Fees (one-time)2: $495
  • Typical Results: ~ 6-9 Months, Page 1 of Google for 15-25 Keywords, Traffic Increase 200%

What's Included:

  • Includes everything from Pro
  • Pinterest: In an ever growing Social Media world, Pinterest is one of the largest Social Media Search Engines out there. MonsterWeb creates an official business Pinterest page that not only creates off site links for your website, but it also engages industry specific users.
  • On Site Content: Instead of just optimizing for one page of new original, keyword enriched content per month, MonsterWeb creates an additional page of content! New content + regular website maintenance means amazing SEO!

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Enterprise ($1,980 and up)

  • Price per Month1: Custom
  • Setup Fees (one-time)2: Waived
  • Typical Results: ~ 9-12 months: Page 1 of Google for 25+ keywords; Traffic increase by +200%

What's Included:

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Local Package

Keyword Content

One of the most important aspects of SEO is using the proper keywords and locations. In combination, location + keyword not only raise your search results for a particular area, but it also broadens the range for a keyword.

For example, if you are marketing the keyword “Bakery” and the locations in which you want to market your bakery include Austin, New Braunfels, and San Antonio, your keyword includes “San Antonio Bakery”, “Austin Bakery”, and “New Braunfels Bakery”. Within these localized keywords also lie the more generalized term “Bakery”. Thus, you are not only hitting on location results via the keyword + location term, but you are also building your repertoire for the keyword “Bakery”.

Keep in mind, the more specific a keyword, the faster your search results will rise on Google. Also, a larger or more populated area, such as San Antonio, will be more difficult to receive a top search result than say, a smaller city like New Braunfels or Seguin. MonsterWeb starts with specific keywords and phrases, where we know the success of results is at a much higher rate, and we work your site up from there. This helps build the synergy of your site’s content and makes it easier to reach and maintain rankings for keywords.

Proper Styling

Online, styling is a completely different ball game than normal articles or essay writing via print. There are a variety of styling additions and tagging that determine the outcome of your website’s rank on search engines.

Proper styling and syntax can really push a website’s search engine results further. However, on the other side, improper styling, even when attempting to perform it properly, can ‘ding’ your website and take your website far down the search results.

Errors, Corrections, and Submissions

Many of the unseen contributors to great SEO include areas of the website that you never knew existed. However, search engines, such as Google, know these errors and submissions are there, and they index them accordingly. MonsterWeb takes care of these issues for you. It is a huge part of our SEO that really doesn’t get enough credit.


In today’s day and age, everything is online, and over 50% of web traffic is via mobile phones or tablets. Also, some of the most important backlinks to your website is through listings such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Places, Factual, and Yelp. Maintaining and verifying a proper map listing is extremely important so that clients see your proper business address and add updated photos and information.

A verified and claimed business listing has a much higher ranking on search engines, especially those search engines that are directly correlated to one another. For example:

  • Google = Google Places and Google+
  • Yahoo = Yahoo Local
  • Bing = Bing Places

Working closely with search engines and your business, MonsterWeb claims and verifies your listings, so your business is always on top of the game.

Social Media

Social Media is growing and changing, and it is one of the easiest ways to share up to date information with clients, family, and other businesses. Remaining relevant via regular social media posts feeds the search engines information that let them know that not only is your website up to date, but your social media profiles are also relevant. This shows that your business is doing its part to stay connected in the 21st century.

By providing general, monthly posts for our clients, MonsterWeb is helping increase your presence. These general posts are in addition to any posting your company is already making on your social media profiles. Our social media team also incorporates core research into determining the prime time for a social media post, so that your followers are more likely to see it.

Monthly SEO Reports

MonsterWeb wants to keep our clients completely up to date on the happenings of our clients’ websites. Through multiple analytics tools that examine traffic not only on your website, but also on your social media profiles to your website, we are able to present an overview of the monthly happenings on your website.

We also include any and all changes requested in the report, so you have a chance to overview the items that MonsterWeb has input into your website. If there is ever anything that needs to be changed, added, corrected, or eliminated, the SEO Report is a great tool for relaying this information.

Every SEO Report is attached to your MonsterWeb client profile at the end of each month. Therefore, you can easily log in and take a look at new, or past, SEO Reports. We also notify you each month to let you know that your monthly SEO Report is completed, just in case you forget.

Pro Package

The Pro package includes everything that is included in the Local Package, plus several great perks and additions in order to make your website even more efficient in its rankings.

Link Building via External Articles

Link building is extremely important. Link Building, or backlinks, are relevant links that lead to your website or a page on your website. It shows search engines that your website and business are worth mentioning and speaking of in the online realm. Many companies try to instill “Black Hat Tactics”, which is just another way of a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, and we all know how those generally end up.

MonsterWeb uses legitimate sources. Through engaging and via informative online articles, we are not only giving users more information concerning your business and genre, but we are also building engagement and legitimate backlinks to your website. This is all completed without using “Black Hat Tactics” that can leave your website in a worse position than before.


Many times, one or two bad reviews can negatively impact the entire outlook on your business. By claiming your listing on review sites, we are better able to monitor and control these reviews to aid your business in maintaining a positive outlook. Spiteful, uninformative reviews are reported/ blocked as spam, and positive reviews are highly encouraged.

ProPlus Package

The ProPlus package includes everything that is included in the Local and Pro Packages, plus several other additions for more in depth optimization in order to bring your website to an all new level.

Additional Link Building

MonsterWeb takes your legitimate backlink sources to an all new level through more diverse tactics than what you see in the Pro package. In the ProPlus, clients receive the original link building tactics used in the Pro Package along with another set of alternate link building techniques available in the ProPlus package.

Correct backlinks take time to write and complete, and the way in which MonsterWeb works is no exception. We strive to provide honest and applicable backlinks that both engage and encourage users to investigate your website, while increasing your website’s online reputation.

Alternate Optimization

MonsterWeb ensures that other pages and aspects of your website are inferring correctly to search engines. Through numerous optimized additions, MonsterWeb optimizes current and past pages. Google, and other search engines, like to ensure that your website is continually refreshed and up to date.

With the additional back end optimization MonsterWeb not only is letting search engines know that your web pages are constant and complete, this optimization also ensures that search engines are indexing your website and finding that your website is continually improving.

This is completed through a variety of tags, tactics, and techniques. Small changes add up to make a huge difference when search engines are indexing your website for proper formatting and when potential customers are searching for a business like yours.