Custom Reports

Get A Customized SEO Report For Your Business To Determine Its Online Success

In order to create an effective online presence, every business needs to have a website that is optimized for search engines. The main factors that determine a website’s appearance in the search engine results page listings are; highly ranked keywords, relevant and engaging content, user friendly browsing experience, link building, and so on.

To discover how your business ranks among search engine listings, a thorough research needs to be conducted, where all of the above mentioned factors are determined according to your particular website. You can then use this researched data to improve search engine optimization for you business.

A website that is search engine optimized can generate additional traffic and potential customers to your site, benefiting your business further.

MonsterWeb provides detailed and customized SEO reports for businesses so that you can remain informed about the online success of your particular business.

Our customized SEO report includes:

  • Analyzing the data on your website to determine its performance.
  • Checking how your website is registered by search engines.
  • Making comparisons between data from organic and non organic traffic.
  • Reviewing keyword usage in your website and optimizing it for enhanced web traffic.
  • Listing of what we did for the month, and what is planned for next month.

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