Cite Your Business Online To Develop Its Reputation And Authority

Citations refer to the use of your business’s contact information on other websites, directories or locally related businesses. Citations are different from link building as your contact information does not always have to be linked to your website.

For instance, in a directory of local businesses, your business name and address might be mentioned to give your company additional credibility but it will not be linked directly to your site.

Citations are a form of branding where your business name and contact information is posted in various locations to allow for a more authentic and well reputed business presence online.

Citations help in:

  • Building better rankings for websites.
  • Generating additional web traffic for businesses.
  • Making your business more authentic for search results.

Businesses that have a large number of citations are better ranked in search engine listings as compared to those with fewer citations.

At MonsterWeb, we can help you in generating citations for your business in all the relevant places according to your particular business needs, products and industry specifications so that you can benefit from more web traffic and better search engine result hits.

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