Email Marketing – An Inexpensive Method To Contact Your Valued Customers.

Use MonsterWeb’s email marketing services and give your profits a boost, by choosing the most suitable email marketing campaign for your business. With experienced personnel, who have the skill and the knowledge to create high quality emails, newsletters and more; we can provide you with a means to stay in constant contact with your customers via emails.

Email marketing is one of the most extensively used marketing strategy because is a low-cost way of reaching out to your customers and keeping them informed about your business. When the CMO Council conducted a study in 2012, they found that 67% of the world’s marketers ranked email as being the most successful marketing strategy in the digital era.

MonsterWeb can provide you with a number of services related to email marketing. These include:

  • A blast account with a MonsterWeb email address.

  • A newsletter template designed and developed according to your specific business.

  • Freshly created newsletter content to boost your marketing campaign.

  • Scheduled distribution of the content to your list of clients.

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