Everyone has heard of Black Friday before… it is the day directly after Thanksgiving, and it signals the start of the holiday shopping season. Many stores open early and offer outrageous deals and severely marked down pricing on a wide variety of products. In 2004, Shop.org coined the term “Cyber Monday” after noticing that the Monday after Thanksgiving was one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, and thus, Cyber Monday was born.

Predictions suggest that online revenue will top over $2 billion this year, making December 1st, 2014 the most profitable shopping day ever! The Cyber Monday shopping spree is an incredible, once a year opportunity for online retailers. There very well may be more eyes on your e-commerce store and website than you could ever imagine; are you prepared for this spike in traffic?

Last year MonsterWeb got a glimpse of some of the traffic spikes on our network. We have reported that sites within our network showed traffic increases ranging from three to fifteen times the normal amount of traffic. Being able to handle these large traffic spikes is just as important as driving customers to your site.

In terms of bandwidth, it is common to see spikes in more than quadruple the normal amount between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This spike is due to the four weeks between the two holidays, and it represents up to 50% of annual revenue for retailers. For this reason, if you are in the market to give your site a few touch-ups before the holiday season, and upgrade your hosting, the time is now.

MonsterWeb is offering 25% off new shared hosting or dedicated server signups for the first month and website changes for the month of November, so you can be prepared before Cyber Monday rolls around. Just enter the coupon code cybermonday during checkout to receive this deal on hosting, or give one of our friendly Client Advisers a call to schedule your website changes, and reference the coupon code. Don’t wait because this deal is set to expire on midnight CDT on Cyber Monday.

MonsterWeb will handle the setup of your web hosting account, the transfer of your site, troubleshooting, and everything in between. We will be right there with you, even on holidays, to assist you with any issues that may arise on high traffic days. Contact the MonsterWeb helpdesk for support anytime, by phone or a support ticket.

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