Future of SEO

In this era of advanced information technology, advertising is constantly evolving. The evolution is due to the inevitable desire of businesses to find new platforms and new ways to access different consumer markets. However, the challenge is to deal with the ever-changing consumer behavior. How people interact, interpret information, access emails, and use technology has changed considerably as compared to a decade ago. To analyze the future of advertisement, it is necessary to co-relate both the aspects to optimize benefits.

People spend an increasing amount of time on online media. Whether its social media feeds, or work related information search, the life of an ordinary consumer is continuously revolving around the internet. With this technological revolution, the target audience of nearly all businesses is online in one way or another. This consumer shift was first highlighted by a Forrester Research report in 1998. In the survey, it was found that 75% of people had abandoned television and replaced it with online media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a set of techniques, tactics, and strategies, which improves the visibility of a website on a search engine, thus increasing the number of visitors to your website. It is probably the most talked about online marketing medium. The key is to take necessary measures to obtain a high search ranking.

Leading search engines likes Google, Yahoo, and Bing have defined clear outlines of web development because they will never compromise on the quality and relevance of content posted on the website. Customers turn up to these search engines because they always find what they are looking for. A big name like Google would never let down these users by giving them inappropriate information.

Due to the ever-increasing competition between e-commerce firms, success is all about being on the first page of reach results. Having the most recognized keyword is like placing your commercial on prime time television. Pay per click advertising starts with choosing the right keyword, (based on the location and the product), and utilizing it in a relevant content. You must decide the amount, which you are willing to pay per click. Remember that using popular keywords might cost you a little higher, but then the chances of success are also quite charming.

Organic Search or Natural Search refers to the non-paid search results which naturally pop up as you search the associated keyword. Customers tend to trust and rely more on these non-biased results because they believe that it has no commercial purpose. According to the Search Engine Journal, approximately 70% to 80% users deliberately ignore paid ads because they prefer organic results. The survey also suggested that 81% of businesses give a significant importance to their blogs and other online content, and that the estimated worth of search engine industry is more than $16 billion.

The future is all about search. Organically being on the first page will give businesses more power than large multinationals.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is when a business provides their customers with commercial information by means of an email. To be more precise, any email which is sent with an intention of convincing a customer to purchase a product, or to build better brand image, is part of email marketing. It is an effective and efficient tool for promoting your brand and reaching a large number of customers on a single click.

Experts consider it a valuable medium of online advertisement. There are thousands of companies, which have increased their market share and profitability through flexible email marketing solutions provided by IT companies. Research has proved that the response rate of email marketing is at least 10 times higher than the traditional direct mail.

Due to its low cost, all kinds of businesses can utilize it. However, the key is to use it wisely. It is commonly thought that a higher number of emails will yield maximum results, but that is probably the costliest mistake ever. People will automatically consider your emails as spam and your message as well as the money invested will land in the junk folder.

The experts can help you develop promotional campaigns and relevant content based on behavioral, psychological, and geographical segmentation of your target market. The effectiveness of this strategy can be determined through the statistics. The research clearly states that it has the potential to build a database of 50,000 potential customers in six weeks. Email marketing has simply outshined all other promotional techniques.

Mobile Optimization

Many people like to view their emails on their mobile phones and tablets. For such people, the readably level must be low and the content should be easy to understand. Whether it is the shopping cart, or the registration form, everything on a website should be mobile optimized so that it is easy to access through all types of devices. A recent Econsultancy survey showed that nearly 28% of US and 24% of UK customers used their mobiles and tablets to shop for Christmas. In another research, Search Engine Journal concluded that in 2012, the number of mobile shoppers would be more than $72.8 million.

Other Web Marketing Tools

Other mediums of online marketing include banners placed on related sites, ezines, newsletters, and company operated websites. Companies usually utilize only one or two of these sources. However, smart companies deploy all sources to spread the word regarding their offers, products, and promotions. In this age of fierce competition, it is all about creating brand awareness through creative advertisements and continuous reminders.

The most important advantage of online presence is increased number of audience which can be targeted through the internet. With so much of liberty and awareness, customers are faced with various choices. If you are not there, someone else will be there to take your customer away. Online marketing also gives you an edge over your competitors and can help you develop a clear point of differentiation. Contact an expert today to explore your options of online advertisement and understand how it can help your business prosper!

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