Social Media and SEO

Businesses and companies are using social media and SEO together as a new and powerful marketing tool. Using Search Engine Optimization is simply creating original specific content to appear higher in search rankings. This content can appear on your website, a blog, or in social media.

The value of social media has become more influential as the popularity of specific content in social media has raised the search ranking of companies and businesses. Search engines are now using social values, retweets, and Facebook “Likes” and “Shares” to help determine search results. The main objective for a successful boost in search results by using social media is integration.

The keys to integrating your social media with your website are as follows:


Get keyword traffic to your website; you can create specific content based on the traffic your website receives from the highest searched keywords.


You can find your social keywords. By using free tools like SocialMention, you can discover a list of keywords most often found in tweets and comments or posts on Facebook.


Review popular social posts. You can create engaging posts to your audience and carry ongoing social dialog.


Maintain a social presence. It is crucial to share and create content daily. it is important to remember that the social aspect is from your business or company and the customer.

SEO and Social Media are the perfect platform to create specific, original, and unique content to reach your audience. They both have a potential to create awareness and involve your customers and create potential customers. Creating content that integrates both your website and social media connection will increase how people search for your business or company. Once you have established this connection, post and share across your social media network.

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