The days when Search Engine Optimization was enough to land a website in Google’s good graces are long gone. Today, for a website to earn search engine love, social media is one tool that can no longer take the backburner.

Given the pivotal role social media has played for business, it will only be justified to say that SEO has tied the knot with social media. As a unique yet meaningful convergence of methodology and technology, the amazing combo can easily get rankings for a website off the ground and thrust any business into the limelight it deserves.

One wonders, it was only a few years back when social media reared its head in the online space. It is unbelievable the way social media has penetrated the depths of online marketing. On top of that, social media has emerged as a part and parcel of any potent marketing mix. It was only yesterday that we were viewing social media and SEO as two separate initiatives and today, they are more like a couple going hand-in-hand promising to inch businesses closer to the proverbial ‘overnight success’.

How did it happen? The answer to the mystery lies in the fact that for a business to go global, it has to be social. Social media not only elevates the effectiveness of website, it completely transforms the way businesses are done. Today, the idea of having a money-making website boils down to competently using social media and SEO in combination.

This strategy is truly fruitful and can truly set the wheels in motion for a website’s success. Want to find out why the duo of SEO and social media is here to stay? Read on to decipher the code to unlimited success for your website.

Link Building Through Social Media- The Secret to Stealing the Spotlight

Have you ever wondered why Google relies so heavily on links? It’s simple. Links are more like votes clearly indicating the usefulness of your website. More votes translate into more popularity but that’s not where the story ends. When SEO companies manually started building links and employing other black-hat tactics, search engines gave them a taste of their own medicine by penalizing them.

The idea behind using links as a ranking factor was undoubtedly an amazing one. However, link building was too easy to manipulate. When SEO companies started playing it smart, Google used the ace up its sleeves by introducing social media channels into the equation. Not only are they harder to manipulate, they gave search engines a clear picture of which websites are truly valuable and playing a competent role in keeping the sales funnel full and which ones are simply cheating to stay out of hot waters. Bottom-line, social media channels offered the perfect platform to build links and channel meaningful traffic to a website.

Social Media- Score Success with Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Social media channels became the lifeblood for SEO because it provided a venue for where businesses came across people who willingly wanted to help them boost its bottom-line. When a business has a presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, it creates a group of loyal followers that serve as its business advocates. These people actually serve as your sales force, promoting and marketing your business round the clock.

Imagine the scenario. You have a blog on your website. It has meaningful information and value to offer but if your target market is not aware of its presence, it’s not going to get you anywhere. On the other hand, if you are sharing the link on social media platforms and if the content resonates with your target market, there’s no reason people won’t hit the ‘like’ button or ‘share’ button. True, all those sharing your content may never become your customers but that’s definitely not your objective.

Your aim here is to create mass awareness, to build attention and buzz and this is one objective you can effortlessly accomplish with social media channels because with social media, if someone ever needs your services or products, they will know just where to look for.

Social Media- for an Online Presence That’s worth a Whistle

We have all experienced that annoying salesman disturbing you at the wrong moment, selling you the wrong product. What happens next? For all his efforts, all he gets is a door slammed right in his face.  This happens because he’s at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong customer.

When businesses set out to breathing life into their online presence, they put the guiding signs in places where nobody will look. Social media became a life-support system for SEO because it remedied this situation. Businesses are no longer putting up billboards in some isolated desert. Thanks to social media channels, businesses now have the power in their hands to reach the right customer while controlling who sees what.

Businesses can now pull the strings and can boost their online presence at a rate no one ever thought possible. Social media truly allows a business to reach the right customer at the right time in the right way. No wonder these social media platforms became the apple of SEO’s eyes so quickly.

Social Signals- A Fling or the Real Thing?

Social media further sweetens the deal for SEO because as much as we find it hard to believe, the truth is social signals are for real. Google is definitely keeping an eye’s on a website’s pulse rate on social media platforms to determine the kind of content you share and how often social media platforms direct traffic to a website. It also takes into account how many followers a business has and if your followers are actively using the social sharing elements you have armed them with.

This leaves no doubt that to move further down the road of earning search engine favor, a website should start worrying about fortifying its presence on social media platforms.

Social Media- Attract Real Traffic in Real Time

Another reason Google started analyzing the link building business deeply was because these links were good for nothing. Businesses were simply populating their website with links that were not bringing them any customers. These fabricated links may improve ranking positions but they were falling short of helping a business reach its goals and cruise along the lines of success. With social media, the story is different. Social links not only transform people into visitors, it is highly likely they will become your customer. If not anything, they will at least play a small yet meaningful role in promoting your content.

On a final note, the secret to unlimited online success is now out! Make the most out of your SEO strategy by incorporating social media into it and watch the extraordinary combination work wonders. It’s time you pull your business out of the rat race and on the fast track to success. Choose to stand out and use social media and SEO to outshine your competitors. 

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